Instructions to Florida Supreme Court Approved Law Form 12. 901 b 3 Petition for Dissolution of Marriage with No Dependent or Minor Child ren or Property 11/15 If personal service is used your spouse has 20 days to answer after being served with your petition. Your case will then generally proceed in one of the following three ways DEFAULT. 923 or other appropriate notice of hearing form. denies anything in your petition and you are unable to settle the disputed issues you should file a...
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing form florida petition

Welcome to the video tutorial for Florida family law form twelve point nine zero one a the petition for simplified dissolution of marriage the petition for simplified dissolution of marriage is only used in cases where you and your spouse are in complete agreement about everything in the divorce have no minor children resulting from the marriage or adoption and the wife is not pregnant you must agree on how you will divide everything you own together you must agree that neither of you are asking for alimony you must be willing to give up your right to trial and appeal and you and your spouse must both be willing to go into the clerk's office to sign the petition although not necessarily together and finally you and your spouse must both be willing to go to the final hearing at the same time if you each agree to all of these conditions then you can use this form because you're agreeing to divorce without any disagreement over any issues you and your spouse must complete this form together and sign this form together by completing this form you and your spouse are telling the court you have no disagreements between you about the divorce and the things that you own we recommend you download the dot RTF version of this document so that you can type in all of your information directly on the form however you can also print out the PDF version of this document and fill it out using black ink if you do so use your best handwriting possible it is extremely important you stay organized during the divorce process staying organized will save you a lot of frustration and confusion down the road we recommend you get a large accordion folder to store all of your documents as you complete each document please sit in your folder until you've completed all of the documents in your divorce packet we will cover exactly what you should do with all of your completed documents in a later video session for now you will complete this document and hold on to it until further instructions if you have not opened the dot RTF document or print it off your form yet pause this video to do that now before we get started we're going to use this portion of the video to help you understand specific items you should consider as you fill out this form for the petition of simplified dissolution of marriage you first need to determine if there are any areas of disagreement between you and your spouse if there is even one area of disagreement you will not be able to use this form you must also make sure that you have met Florida's residency requirement prior to filing any type of divorce case in a Florida Court please watch our affidavit of corroborating witness video tutorial before moving forward to make sure you meet the residency requirement you will also need the following information in order to complete this form each person's full legal name each person's residential address the date each person first began living at this address the date of your marriage the place of your...